Friday, July 24, 2015

Bitter throat

Assalamualaikum dan hai!

Alhamdulillah, much better than yesterday. Dadah komersial ni memang tangkap lentok dibuatnya, dilawan rasa bagai mencucuk-cucuk pulak biar kita berehat saja dibuatnya. Badan ni dah tak larat nak tidur atau baring saja, letih amat dah.

One of the reason might be we have been stop taking raw honey in the morning, as we ran out our own supply. Just don't feel it right when someone offer for it but they don't consume it. At best we just stop it for awhile before we add it back.

There are lots of different when we consume honey which is Sunnah's Food. Just believe it, not so quickly effective but in long term, it is just so good. Since we consumed honey in the morning, we just feel okay and so good. Afterwards is challenging, when you lived in viral surrounding, which means my home area is just okay but not so clean enough, but so much better than any place in this island. without a proper care you will easily got sick.

hmm.. I think I'd just talk bad about this place, haihh.. but this is the ugly truth, the most selfish and uneducated about cleanliness, green house effects and so on. At the first sight, you just can say, how beautiful this place, but not for the second time. The third times will ruin everything good at first you ever said.

Garbage is a thing that they need to acknowledge first, collective garbage by schedule just not enough. Even they had sweepers everyday in the morning, also in the weekend and public holidays too. There are few golden age's sweepers everywhere. But, youngsters, and uneducated or unmanner people will throw anywhere they like. I feel bad for the general workers, never ending job is to sweeping plastics all over this island instead they only need to sweep dried leaves!

Ive been living here for a year at least, never met any city council round a duty, never heard a good things about charity or never heard any event conduct about taking care about this city. There is NOTHING accept you can find them with their men in good clothes, nice prado 4wd, and escorts during weddings. T___T

Let the culture remains on its place.

This is bullshit, the good things you can maintain and still can, even when the part of blaming, they were so fast and easily to blame PATI, or philipines or Red-IC holder here. Unfortunately, it is not. Themselves, who adding up more negativity criteria on themselves.

hmm.. I just want to share about honey, haha.. T__T sorry guys,..

I think Ive been tolerate much on this surrounding, but at a time, I need to spell it out and loud. A little change they HAVE to do and MUST do. As from little step they do for a change, they are big impacts on future. Especially the good benefits on human being. If this post will be viral, please do something.

Take Penang as example, just Penang, their waste/garbage managements, social responsible to public, awareness about Green, Clean and Healthy environment. Now just green but not clean an unhealthy too. There are so many things that you really don't require money for a good course right? So what not?

Alhamdulillah, I am still alive here. The surrounding and else just not kill me yet, but bare it enough. I love to go out, walking or having sight-seeing, passing by their shops in town. Their wet and dry markets, still a lot to visit. :) It's fine for me for taking sanitize lotion on each visits, took shower after each visits plus sinus/ or eczema pills for a calm day. Phewwss~ what a day!

My bitter throat to say it louds even ones might say, please leave this place of ours! T___T

p.s I just miss Penang, the simple Penang and Johor too..

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  1. Masa Ramadhan lepas Alhamdulillah kami sekeluarga sihat-sihat sebab banyak consume citrus dan jarang-jarang keluar makan. Kira makan terjaga.
    Masuk raya ini busy dan asyik ke sana sini, jadi makanan keluarga pun tak teratur.
    Nampak minggu ini dah stable sikit, mula pastikan they eat well-nourished food apa je yang ada rezeki dari kebun tu.


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