Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ramadhan Vs Raya

Asslamualaikum dan hai,..


hari ke-5 kita berpuasa, :)

okay, actually dah ramadhan ke 7 kita, delayed post! haha..

Additional info for you guys out there, today is Seafarer's Day, as we appreciate the hard works in maritime industry especially they are doing transportation in various cargo.

This is seldomly I post about it, but for dearly friends who the last two standing in this field, they deserved it. Being a seafarers it's not a big deal, and it isn't so easy anyway, but clearly with your fully strengths in physically and mentally are well prepared for this.

TO my dear Mastura and Nazurah, I dearly adored both of you much, to your courage, your wisdom, your hardships up till now. Both of you are still standing in the sea! Okay this brought me to tears, I miss sea, and all things will be missed but through both of you, I still can see the seas thru you my dear friends.

Okay chill, wishes you a Seafarer's Day, hope you gain extra for what you're doing now, insya Allah. I pray for your safety and health. Love.

A derively video for what is a seaman doing onboard a ship. A simple thing to explain their relevant job as a glimpse idea for young people to join this career.

Me? I quit for get married. haha. And as myself can't do proactive and hardships. sincerely from my hearts.

Selamat berpuasa to all,

Our appetite during fasting months are so simple, no curry, no oily foods, up till now, I just grilled the fish and broiled fish too, also steaming. Very healthy!

Just it, I don't really craving fancy foods, when I heard it turns just fine. I stick with this grilled fish. hehe..

there are three more weeks before we end our Ramadhan, where do you stop your reciting Quran? Long way to go man!

p.s Ramadhan and Raya again in Labuan, juggling to bake kuih or not, to start sewing raya garments and so on!

you? what your progress so far?

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