Monday, December 29, 2014

My day-off

Salam dan hai,

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Merry Xmas for those who celebrates it.

Semalam hari Cuti Krismas. Jadinya encik suami ada day-off at last! haha. Sometimes my workaholic husband is working his ass off, too hard. I just can't complaint, but more to comfort him. He loves his job, he loves doing anything that hands on, just because the way he is. I am proud for anything he did, and my job to give him endless support.

Paling penting perutnya! hehe.. just a once a while that I couldn't prepare his breakfast, but, Alhamdulillah, I did most of the morning breakfast and his "bekal" without failed, insyaAllah. Just a few days that incident happens. hehe.

As yesterday, was a day-off fro him. We went to the beach for picnic! haha. Not really a picnic, as I made bimbimbap or sushi rolls. Quiet a sloppy, so I didn't cut it into pieces, T___T. So for a quick bite, the bimbimbap is a win!

Mudah je nak buat, kalau yang kurang kerajinan tu, mungkin ambil masa bila nak prepare. Sushi rice, egg rolls, crab sticks, spinachs and sometimes I mixed with black pepper beef or salmon grilled. It's a complete in portions in a rolls.

Bibimbap recipe {here}, credited to Maangchi, mostly on Korean food I referred to her blog or Youtube for tutorial.

Enjoying his bimbimbap

Macam ni sajalah our day-off or weekend, it's a same, as we can call it a weekly routine now. Going to the market in the morning, having breakfast at our fave spot ( I'll blog about it soon), simple lunch at the same time, I prepare some foods for picnic or else we just bring few bottled drinks.

I love holidays and weekend, it's my CHEAT day. hehe.

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