Thursday, October 10, 2013

A prep for eid Adha

Salam dan hai,

I feel sorry to this blog if I didn't wrote anything.

Currently I've been busy sewing all the fabrics I had. Make it done for all my newphew's baju melayu complete with trousers. Just simple one. Hihi.

A maxi dress for my niece, Aina and myself too.

So this is my first ever dress.. haha.. so so proud of myself okay!

We will see how it would be this raya. Is it receive loads compliment or criticism. Hihi. But I would love to hear an honest ones. As I can improve what's on demands right?.

Yesterday I put to my instagram account. Some sneak peak photo. It's a fabrics lines for my buttons hole.

Ok.. it's done for now. Tomorrow I'll start baking. Would be two choices of cinnamon pound cake (this is a my whole home current fave now!) and a banana walnut cake. Might be make an extra cake, a Victoria sandwich cake. Afterall the feast is to celebrates who had sacrificing or korban and whose to have a chance going to perform hajj. Eventhough I didn't know anyone of my relatives hoing there this year,  my prays for all is to get mabruurr in their hajj. Amin.

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