Tuesday, March 5, 2013

After school

Salam dan hai,

Ehemm.. *cough*

Obviously I went to the sewing academy which I took level one of ladies dressmaker. Well it is sounds a like so cool right?

Nayy.. it is just a class which has a basic knowledge and handling of sewing tools. I'd just done went through over it. Where there few obstacles with kind of idiots. *ehem*

But heyy.. I did it! I did finished my class with no skip at all.. *claps* very hard very deal of my no-so-patience.. (,-,-)' so much enjoyable things when we have a chance to do something you wanted to do a long time ago.

By now, means afterschool mentions above *where obviously not mention that korean popstars* drive me to blank ideas.


Like a seriously I am in the middle. Which I have to continue sewing or have to started my project. For your info, I'm not good enough to receive any orders. Serious.  Not so good with kind of it. Yeahh..

A kickstart. That's all I need by now.

My beloved husband is so sweet to giving ideas to start with our lil nieces and nephews dress. *not helping at all*

Fuhh.. insyAllah I pray to Lord to give me a courage to do so. And will accomplish my dreams to design and to be worn by me only.. hehe

P.s where should I get those material thingy on factory price? Is there a way?

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