Monday, March 25, 2013

A choice

Salam dan hai,

Nothing much I do this weekend, just pretending nothing.

My bad to feel as I can't attend Scha nur's reception on groom side last week. As I am in penang right now and my nephews and niece came for a school break.

Quite a chaos I think, and the best thing to laugh and smile on having them around. Cheeky kids!

Ok, it's about a choice that I will propose to my husband. Where my last request is a mixer for baking. Kind of because of brands or just because a woman that will love to have anything cute in her kitchen. Agree?

And I know it will be a change soonest after I went to sewing class. Yeay, serious.. I was thinking about to have it one. Errrr.. and I know that I just can request one only.

Will keep a bye for a mixer. Haihh.. at the other hand, I dont have any spaces for the beautiful-soon-to-be-mine mixer. So will put it on the list later.

It is what I am think right now, a choice between sewing machine or a kitchen aid mixer. Or both or either or neither.  Haaaa..

A greedy must be choose one and jacking husband for both. It will be lovely to have it boths right my dear? Haha.. hope so~

By now, I have to survey as usual for proposal.  Yeay it means that I have to show him some comparison how and why I choose this. To convince my husband that you buy the right thing and very worth to every penny spend! Haha..

But serious ok, it is my husband. Just dont make him feel bad when he spend a load of money. Kena pujuk a bit lah. Masak sedap2.. hehe.. and so on..

So.. hmm.. still in dilemma to choose it both or just have it one only. Urghgg..


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